• IVR systems and outsourcing systems

    Our Interactive Voice response system can be customized to handle different Voice services including the following:

    1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    2. Employee Testing and Evaluation
    3. Order Entry
    4. Credit Card Processing
    5. Order Status
    6. Voice Mail
    7. Inventory Confirmation
    8. Account Status
    9. Medical and Clinical Trials
    10. Employee Benefit Surveys
    11. Market Research Surveys
    12. Message and Recording Services
    13. Locator Services
    14. Voice Broadcasting Call Routing
    15. Customer Service
    16. Literature Fulfillment
    17. Lead Generation & Capture
    18. Political Polls and Surveys
    19. Nearest Store Locators
    20. Phone Contests and Political Opinion Polls
    21. Telephone Banking
    22. Tele Lottery

    By responding to prompts provided by our IVR system, callers can now receive any information you choose to make available. Call centers in particular can become instantly more productive by letting the phone system gather caller information, verify caller identity and, if necessary, determine the best service representative to handle this request using our interactive voice response technology.

  • Services


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    Our application can connnect with mobile service providers and deliver both MT and MO billing functionality.


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    Our Mass AirTime Transfer System helps companies deliver airtime to clients or members on all networks in East Africa.