• Consultancy

    If you are thinking about implementing a project involving Information Technology, Crystal Interactive Systems is a partner you will need to work with in order to deliver the project on time and provide the best support you need:

    We offer consultancy services in the following areas;

    1. Software Development.
    2. Systems Integration.
    3. Call Centre Development.
    4. IVR Systems
    5. Mobile Application Development
    6. Server Virtualization, administration and configuration
    7. LAN, VPN, MAN and WAN Setup.
    8. Database Development?
  • Services


    Our dedicated software developers will turn your idea into a fully functional software using rapid application development and...


    Our application can connnect with mobile service providers and deliver both MT and MO billing functionality.


    Giveing you access to a self service automated bulk voice platform which can be used to deliver pre-recorded ...


    Our Mass AirTime Transfer System helps companies deliver airtime to clients or members on all networks in East Africa.