• About Crystal

    Crystal Interactive Systems is a corporate incorporated in Uganda and Tanzania dealing in voice, web, mobile and sms interactive system development for clients in United Kingdom, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda. Our company has a vast amount of experience in the field of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). We are committed to the highest standards of excellence, service and customer satisfaction.

    Who we are

    Crystal Interactive Systems has been operational since 2007 offering turnkey solutions in the Computer Telephony Integration to our clients and partners which in turn earn them a stake in a fast growing market.

    We live in a technology ecosystem built on high standards and open choices regarding which technology solutions we choose to use as we create our ever connected environment. At Crystal Interactive Systems, we offer, Creative, Interactive and innovative ways to understand a specific problem and devise ingenious ways to find solutions to these problems. This innovative spirit has permeated through to the technology we use to solve business and service related issues. As a value added service provider (VASP), Crystal Interactive Systems maintains a range of information categories that it provides to the mass market mainly through partnerships with mobile telecommunications companies.


    Our vision is to be the leading mobile media, voice and web interactive systems service provider in the region.

    Our core Values

    1. Prompt service delivery
    2. Customer care and satisfaction
    3. Professionalism
    4. Team work.
    5. Sustainability
    6. Profitability

    Our services include

    1. IP Telephony
    2. SMS Integration
    3. Software Development
    4. Web Application Development and Hosting.
    5. Online media streaming.
    6. Call and Contact Center Development
    7. Local and International Numbering.
  • Services


    Our dedicated software developers will turn your idea into a fully functional software using rapid application development and...


    Our application can connnect with mobile service providers and deliver both MT and MO billing functionality.


    Giveing you access to a self service automated bulk voice platform which can be used to deliver pre-recorded ...


    Our Mass AirTime Transfer System helps companies deliver airtime to clients or members on all networks in East Africa.